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This is MY LIFE, this is ME. Instead of focusing on the negative things, I will be focusing on the positive things. There will be times where I vent my anger, but I am going to try my best to just focus on the positive things in life. :]

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remembering what drives me…

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou

Haven’t blogged in a while so here goes… With everything going on in my personal, educational, and professional life… I felt that I’ve lost sight on some things along the way. I have been missing my family more than usual lately and it makes me sad. Not seeing them as often makes the moments that I actually get to spend with them that much more comforting and precious. It saddens me and brings me down to tears when the health of a loved one continues to deteriorate…knowing that there is nothing I can do about it but just be there as much as I can. This thing that I have loved so much that I made it my life at one point isn’t the same thing anymore. It made me extremely happy and has aided my growth as a leader and all I ever wanted was for it to touch everyone as much as it touched me. Other people’s hands are holding the reigns to this and has steered it in a different direction where they have lost sight of the greater destination. It wasn’t until today, where a dear friend of mine commemorated her 1 year anniversary with this organization that I’ve realized that all the hard work I put into the little details doesn’t matter anymore. I no longer regret the sacrifices I made. As long as I know it has reached at least one person…I am satisfied and happy. 

It has just been an extremely hard journey and it only continues to get harder to get through but I will make it my mission to help people feel better. It doesn’t matter what I say or do. I just would like to touch the hearts and the lives of my family, friends, and maybe some strangers  along the way. 

Bad day at work= Me wanting to do nothing but stuff my face with ice cream 

Bad day at work= Me wanting to do nothing but stuff my face with ice cream 

Life is too short for nonsense… Nonsense is the inevitable… Trying my best to be optimistic and happy. Let’s just say it’s easier said than done. I think we all seek happiness that is in existence within ourselves.  Welppp.. I am digging for it in this bottomless pit we call “life”.  *le sigh* Until next time tumblr…. 

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So fucking annoyed. Some people should never take on any leadership positions. These girls are fucking stupid and this organization is going to die because of these stupid bitches.  This is me being nice… ughhhhh if I could only punch a twat in the throat… -________-

R.I.P. Chris Ung

Started this new year wanting it to be different in a good way.. but other contributing factors wontt let me. I try my damn best to be the best I can be. Instead I am being compared to delinquent children and how I am one of them. I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke, I am not a whore, I have ambitions and goals. I aspire to please people. I am selfless and I ALWAYS put other people before myself. I messed up last year, I learned my lesson and now I tried my damn best to do better.. I dont care if people dont recognize how much I do for them, but to say im useless, selfish, delinquent and everything else… its just not right. I get disrespected left and right just by breathing… I really can’t take all this abuse anymore. I am at a certain point in my life where I am discouraged and I want to give up sooo badly.

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Just wanted one day not to worry about anything…one day. Now I’m dealing with art theft, statewide conference, messy ass divorce, financial issues, falling behind in school work, etc… I’m mentally, emotionally, and physically drained… I am at my breaking point.. so much on my mind that I get lost with the route I take a million times. I was in Garden Grove and for some odd reason I ended up in Orange when I was trying to get back to Santa Ana. I don’t know how much more I can take until I finally crack. 


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So disappointed and hurt. My dad never fAils at disappointing me around this time of year.. :’(